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    I can get about 36 hours out of my battery if necessary, but I usually charge it after about 18 hours of use (put it on the charger every night before bed). Occasionally (it's only happened twice in the last 5 months) I'll have a stray program that just devours the battery in about 3 or 4 hours.

    Yesterday at noon, my battery left widget was indicating about 25 hours of battery life remaining. At about 3:30 (shortly before leaving work) I noticed my red light flashing telling me I need charge the battery (after only 10 hours off the charger.) So, something completely drained my battery in about 3 hours. The battery status indicated that wi-fi was the offender so I used my task killer (which rarely gets used) to simply kill everything. That stopped the battery drain, but it was basically too late since I wouldn't be near a charger for a few more hours.:icon_evil:

    My question is this: is there an app out there that will alert me when my battery is being drained faster than a preset threshold for longer than a preset time period? Something that would tell me when my battery is being raped by an app BEFORE it's down to 1 hour of life remaining?

    Obviously there are going to by spikes in battery usage when using GPS or making a call, but I assume that an app could be designed to take into account these irregularities and intelligent enough to ignore them under certain circumstances.

    If anyone knows of anything let me know. If a dev wants to make the app, I'll beta test it! :icon_ banana:
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