Battery died, phone reset.

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    Okay, bear with me as I'm not the most tech-savvy.

    I was driving home from work and my Moto Droid's battery died, didn't have my car charger. This has happened before so I didn't think anything of it. I got home, plugged it into the wall charger, and when I went back to pick it up (maybe 5 min. later, but don't know how long it took to boot), it was on the original "Welcome to Android, tap the Android to begin setup" screen. I was a little freaked but some odd stuff has happened before that I was able to fix just by rebooting. I tried that several times, including battery removal, but the Intro Screen kept showing up.

    Since I couldn't back out of it or hit the home key, I went ahead and hit next, skipped the part about introducing you to what android does, and it took me to the google log-in or register screen. I logged in with my info, and it took me to the homepage. All icons I previously had were wiped, but the background was the same. I checked Handcent and all my texts were there, and checked Gallery and all my photos were there.

    Had to manually sync my contacts from gmail, but for some reason it's a REALLY old set of contacts. It must be from the original setup, not sure how or why though? Call log had also obviously disappeared, and I also noticed "alarms" to be missing. I had an icon for this, and my boyfriend says he just goes straight into Clock and then alarm, so I'm able to access it still but not through it's own icon and all my set alarms were gone.

    So it seems like the stock applications were affected more-so than my DLed ones. Most my apps were still there, although random ones weren't. For example, an app I DLed two days ago was on there, but one I've had for months wasn't. They were both stored on the phone memory.

    I also got several "android process has stopped unexpectedly" errors on the initial "setup" screen, and an "AK notepad has stopped unexpectedly" upon completion of startup (so I just uninstalled).

    So, what caused this reset? Was it just the battery dying? Is there anyway to find a restore point or anything to get my phone back to how it was? It's horribly annoying that half my contacts are gone, all the settings (sound, notification, etc.) on the stock apps are all messed up, and I keep discovering more random things missing. Am I better off straightening out my contacts, backing them up, and doing a factory reset? Help?
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