Batman Vs Superman CyanogenMod 12 Theme

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    About a week ago we discussed the Batman theme by theme developer "Ankit Rawat". This week he has released another theme. The Batman Vs Superman theme means you don't have to chose between two of the greatest. This theme is rocking elements of both Superman and Batman. Who cares who would win! Besides having two of the greatest DC heros of all time on your phone you also get a blacked out theme.

    The beauty of CyanogenMod themes is that every element is touched leaving your device looking like a whole new phone! This is one of the most complete CM themes that I have seen in a while. Themed elements in this theme include Settings, Dialer, Contacts, Calculator, Google Keep, Google Play Music, Google Play Store, SuperSU, Notifications, Dialogs, Fonts, Boot Animation, Alarms, Notifications, Ringtone, CM File Manager, Google Keyboard, System Wide Nav Bar, Wallpapers, Quick Settings, Cm Music, CM Theme Manager, CM Audio FX, Fully Dark System UI, Fully Dark Themed Framework, New ringtones and notifications sounds, quick support, and more! Grab this theme for free at the link below.

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