Batman Telltale for mobile gaming (Android)

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    I was ready to come on here and praise the app but then I went to try and play episode 2 and noticed issues such as the program not loading, glitchy graphics, and the app freezing.

    Hopefully they get these issues fixed as the game has potential.

    With that said as someone who do not own a gaming system, I like that we have it and want to talk about it. Now we will not be spoiling it just providing tips for fixing the issues as well as get the overall feel of the device.

    Also I want to know if you are merciful bat/nice wayne, vengeful bat/ prick wayne, vengeful bat/nice wayne, or merciful bat/prick wayne?

    In other words are you more likely to be the dark knight version of batman where bones are getting broken and criminals are being tortured or are you letting them slide and let them walk into the courtroom vs having to use a wheelchair?

    And as bruce do you choose to be nice to the people around you or are you angry and standoffish?