Baseband issues after a little water incident

Discussion in 'Droid Rooted Help' started by deronvk, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Hey All,
    Having baseband issues and getting no service on my droid after spilling a little water on it. Battery indicator shows a little bleed in the Xs and the phone indicator is totally dry. I let the phone dry, powered it back on and everything works except for cell service. Up until this time, the phone was stock so I'm still a noob. After reading everything here, this is where I've ended up:

    Android 2.2
    Baseband - unknown
    Kernel -
    Build - Bugless Beast V0.5

    Everything works great with this combination except still no cell service. So, after that, I loaded the for baseband C_01.3E.03P and power up the phone and am able to activate the phone and have cell service ...for about 1 minute. Then something happens and the baseband reverts to "unknown" and I lose cell service.

    Trying to figure out a way to either lock in the old Eclair baseband or any other solution for getting cell service back. I have yet to try "gently swishing" the phone in iso alcohol; saving that for when all else fails.

    Thanks to all out there for putting all this information on this stie - I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

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