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    Also posted on tethering sticky...... I'm having trouble using worked after i rooted my phone for iPhones and my 360. It quit working after i set a password for access. I uninstalled, reinstalled and stillwont work. Swithched roms for fun, cm7.0.0 rc4doesn't support wifi tethering yet on the milestone, wouldn't work for bugless beast either. Tried going to "wifi tether for root users" same thing. Wont be recognized....i swapped backto original rom, (2.0.1) can't run kernal wont work with "wifi tether for root users" and barnacle stillisn'tbeing recognized by my xoom!!!Pleasehelp me!I'm new to rooting, and roms but am trying to learn as much as possible! Thanksfor your time guys!
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