bamf jb or ics for best battery life

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by thrgk, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Hey guys so been using my 3800 siedio battery for 6 days and not 100% happy. I did charge it 3-4hrs more each charge. I'm at 49% 2hr 7min screen time 12hour on total . Is this good? Was kinda expecting more and maybe its jb? Let me know thanks
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    There are so many variables that come into play with battery life, it is nearly impossible to say how much battery life someone should or shouldn't be getting. It is going to be totally different for each person, as there are variables that will be different between the users.

    These aren't meant to be answered but this is just some of the stuff that effects your battery life, all of which will probably be different from user to user.
    What radios are being used (not only the flashable radios, but are you mainly using wifi, 3g, 4g...etc).
    What signal strength is like.
    What about system settings, like screen brightness.
    How long the screen has been on.
    What you are doing with the device? 2hrs of screen on as you read a book vs 2hrs of screen on time of playing a game are going to have very different results.
    What battery you are using.
    What custom ROM you are using (different ROMs can run different for your device/setup).
    What kernel you are using (different kernels and their settings can run different for your device and setup).
    What apps are you using.

    Even knowing all of that, it would be very very hard to say if your battery life is good or not. My personal feelings on battery life, is that it is subjective to the user. If I can get my device to last me throughout the day, without needing to plug in every 5 minutes, and it accomplishing what I need/want it to do, then I have great battery life. This changes from day to day for me. I personally think I would be happy with 24 hours of uptime with 4hours of screen on time.

    My recommendations would be to use a couple apps to see how things are going: <-- CPU spy to see if your device is hitting deep sleep when idle. <-- GSAM to see what is using your battery. You then can potentially use that information to cut down on whatever may be the major battery killers.

    To answer your question about JB vs ICS, I find JB to be as good if not slightly better than ICS on my battery, in my non-scientific tests.
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    In a 12 hour time frame and having 49% battery left, using the phone or not, that is a 1% draw in battery power every 14.4 minutes, that is an incredible battery draw..

    In 6 hours of phone being unplugged with only checking email and texts i hit half charge..
    My current phone is stock bionic with extended battery.
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