Bad Pandaman - Endless Rescue and Fight Shooting RPG

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    Hi guys, our new game 'Bad Pandaman' has launched the Google play store! You can download now, just for free!

    Actual Game Screenshot​

    It seems very cool, isn’t it! Because Bad Pandaman is the only Endless runner game integrated with shooting and RPG elements on the Android platform!

    Not only you need to dodge the attacks and destroy the enemies, you also need to rescue other imprisoned heroes on your way, because they will join your team and fight together with you! Each hero has its unique skills, when they level up, more amazing power ups can be use. Upgrade your heroes with the gold you earn by killing enemies, you will find them stronger in your team next time, which will lead your expedition further every time.

    Who is your favorite character? All of them will be more powerful when they upgrade.

    When you make it longer runs time after time in the game, you will be taken to new areas, and new enemies along the way. You can even be hit by extreme weathers like snowstorms, which is dangerous because your team will be difficult to move.

    There are a dozen of enemies with various attack types in the game - magic or melee. So you need both warriors and magicians in your team to fight back. And be really careful if you run up against some of the big bosses in the game! They have special skills that can smash your team in no time.

    After all, you may ask why we should fight for the Pandaman!? Let’s talk about this. Long long time ago, there was a kind-hearted pandaman seduced by the evil forces and he wanted to rule the world. You my friend, need to play as ancient oriental heroes to defeat and convert him to good in order to restore the kingdom back to peace once again.

    Stop the evil! Save the pandaman​

    That is not enough, we choose the ‘Panda’ for our game theme because we want more people to give attention to the endangered giant pandas to help them survive and propagate. So we are working with the non-profit organization Pandas International.

    You can download the game at

    If you want to learn more information about the pandas, please visit Welcome to Pandas International, for the Research and Preservation of the Giant Panda and you can find ways to help! Thank you!
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