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    Ok, I've been trying to figure out the issue my brother in law has been having with his DInc. I have the same phone except mine is rooted. I asked him what was going on and he said this:

    I push on applications on the screen and it loads totally different applications, then when I hit the back button to close out of it a totally different application loads and it goes back and forth between applications. It only does it every once in a while, but I have had to restart my phone about 4 times in the last 2 days because of this issue.

    I asked him if he installed any apps recently trying to see if it was a rogue app issue and he responded:

    It is usually when I run Pandora and try to do something else in the background. It has only happened over the last 3 days. I have actually uninstalled a bunch of applications and am not running anything new since this started. I had some issues updating the software and had to have the whole phone wiped and am running into issues again now. I just think all the installing and uninstalling of stuff on such limited storage space to begin with is coming to fruition. When they designed the phone they did not think far enough out to realize the amount of data it would process in a 2 year lifetime. The newer phones don't really run into some of hte issues I have been having from what I gather from my reading. I just think it is getting closer to time to upgrade. I will get fed up soon enough and throw down some currency towards a new one.

    I asked if he has cleared his cache (browser) or text messages or anything recently to free up memory and he responded:

    Pandora was already running and I hit the pandora app button on my home screen and it pulled up my web browser to the home page of google. I hit the back button to close out of it instead of the home screen button and rathe rather than closing it pulled up a different application all together ( I don't remember which one) I kept hitting the back button over and over and it flopped back and forth between the two applications untill it just rebooted. As far as clearing browser cache and text message deletion, I wiped both of them clean yesterday.

    I told him to try using another music streaming app, such as Slacker, and see if that issue still happens and to uninstall Pandora before he tried the new app. He hasn't reported back. If he still has issues does anyone have any idea what is causing this? He claims he's already factory rebooted and reinstalled all apps.

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