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    Is there a Baby Monitor type app, that can do all of the following

    1) Call help number when noise activity is heard
    2) SMS/Email when noise activity is heard
    3) Records noise activity and logs them
    4) Can be turned on and off remotely via SMS
    5) Does not require WiFi
    6) Allows help number to call while monitoring

    I've looked at the following, but they don't have all of the features I'm looking for:
    Baby Monitor & Alarm by TappyTaps does 1,3,5
    Bungat Baby Monitor y Bungat does 1 (also has video but requires WiFi for that)
    BabyPhone Remote by AppDev does 1,4,5
    Baby Monitor by MVA does 1,2,5
    Baby Monitor Deluxe by Kristen H does 1,5
    Baby Listener by Juniverse does 1,2,5

    Do any apps have an auto-start where as soon as you launch the application it starts, instead of having to launch the application and then hit start?

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