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    Edjing, an deejaying app that allows users to mix tracks streamed from other music services, has released an update today. The new version offers access to over 50 million streaming tracks in total, primarily from Deezer and SoundCloud, with locally stored files also being able to integrate. The app now includes track recommendations tools from Deezer such as Top Charts, Deezer Picks and Themed Radio Channels.


    The app's new Edjing World feature allows for users to share their mixes directly to their social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter of Google+. Mixes can also be privately shared. Lastly a new global search option has been added, returning results from Deezer, SoundCloud and iTunes. Edjing is available for Windows 8, Android and iOS.


    edjing the world #1 DJ App, releases edjing v.4:
    - More than 50 million tracks with access to SoundCloud and Deezer
    - Smart Music Library with a global search (browse all music catalogues at once)
    - A Curent Playlist to prepare your party sets in advance
    - edjing World: Your own eDJ profile page to promote your talent to your fans!
    Nothing can stop you. You're the DJ.
    With edjing, users can create their own mixes and share them directly on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

    General Characteristics:

    - Access to your local music library to mix all your tracks
    - SoundCloud: Enjoy access to SoundCloud and Mix all the music you love!
    - Deezer: Mix the whole Deezer music library (for Deezer Premium Plus members): more than 30 million tracks
    - Global Search tool to simplify and unify the music search experience by browsing all music at once
    - Current Playlist
    - edjing WORLD: access to your edjing DJ profile and boost your audience
    - An unlimitted Cloud storage space to access to your mixes anywhere
    - Sharing function to share your mix on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    - 2 Turntables + Cross Fader
    Free DJ effects (FX): Cue point, Flanger, Loop, Echo, equalizer, Scratch
    Pitch on Vinyl…
    - Wide Sound Spectrum for optimum Beats localization
    - BPM synchronization (sync)
    - Possibility to record your mix: recording in High Definition CD quality, wave format
    - "AutoMix" mode for automatic transitions between titles of your playlists
    - Ability to remix mp3 files of more than 1 hour
    - A store to access all the features of the app


    Access and mix millions of tracks from SoundCloud and Deezer.
    Realize professional-like transitions thanks to the crossfader. Match the beats manually or click on the Sync button to synchronize the bpm (beats per minute) of your tracks and achieve seamless transitions.

    Add all the effects you like and keep reinventing the music you love! Scratch or add special DJ sound effects to enrich your mix and create new sounds!
    Enjoy a wide range of free DJ sound effects FX: scratch, flanger, pitch, equalizer, cue point, loop, echo,…
    You can also get more awesome DJ effects via our in-app Store!
    Finally, record your mixes and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ thanks to the "Sharing" feature. You can record up to a whole hour of mixing.


    edjing also gives you the possibility to customize your turntables with special Skins: Choose your deck and mix like a pro!
    - Neon Skin for electrifying turntables
    - Metal Skin for more Modern Rock decks
    - GhettoBlaster for a cool 90s touch
    - many others to discover: Chalk Skin, Red Neon, Gold, Platinum, Diamond…

    YOU ARE THE DJ! Play. Mix. Share
    N.B: edjing has developed its own Sound System to offer you the best audio experience possible: real time sound processing enabling you to mix your music live with realistic DJ effects.

    The Play Store
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