AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Macktion, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Whenever I get a new tablet, or phone to review, I need to show you how it works. That can sometimes be rough. Back in the day, I would have set a camera on a tripod and showed you the screen. All that changed when I got an HDMI capture card, but that was stationary in my desktop at home, and sometimes I need to do some recording on-the-go.

    Recently I received a Live Gamer Portable from AVerMedia, and put it through the paces.

    Perhaps the greatest thing about it is just how portable it is. It took up less space than a bottle of water while at the convention, and proved to be worth its weight! It will not serve everyone's needs, but for mine, it was uniquely suited.