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    Once again I was laying in bed last night cruising through the Play Store looking for something. Something being the keyword here. I wasn’t really on a mission to find anything in particular, just something useful, or new, or that just wow’d me. I came across a few apps that I have yet to see before and I am sure I will get those out to you guys over the next week or so. I did however come across a variety of applications that we have all seen before, but I have never really given them much thought in the past.
    SMS scheduler apps have been around for quite sometime now. I can remember them being available back int the G1 days. I never really gave them much thought until now. I never saw the purpose behind them. I mean, I can grab my phone and just message someone, why do I need my phone to do it for me at a certain time. After reading through the description of one of the newer SMS scheduler apps to hit the Play Store, it all started make sense. These really are amazingly convenient tools for nearly anyone from nearly every walk of life.

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    The app that caught my eye and got me to thinking about all of this was Auto SMS Sender from DRC INFOTECH. It offers a lot of features and has a very easy to use UI. Although I am not a fan of the purple background and neon green buttons. It is the operation and what the app can do for you in the long run. The primary feature of the app is to allow you to set up a SMS message to be sent to one or more people at a certain time of day on a certain set day. You have the option of setting it to repeat the message at various intervals such as once, every 15 minutes, every hour, everyday or every week. The app keeps a running log of the messages that it has sent, a running log of upcoming messages to be sent and a delivered log. You can even set up multiple recipients and use #Name# in the message and the app will fill in the name for each person individually.

    So why would anyone need an application like this? A couple of good reasons actually. For instance, you could set a message to go to your wife for tomorrow that says “Hey baby, have a great day at work. Love you.” Ensuring she gets it on her way to work regardless if you can get to your phone, are at work yourself or just busy and forget. Another example are birthdays. We fill up our calendars with everyone’s birthdays, or rely on Google+ or Facebook to remind us. I always dismiss the message and forget to say anything. I am a horrible friend. Why not schedule everyone in the app with a “Happy Birthday!” message. Even if it is a month away or next year.
    Another great example that they provided, which I never even thought about, holiday wishes. Again, we are always so swamped with a million things on the Holidays that we often forget to send a quick happy holidays greeting to people. It might seem like a small gesture, but if you run a business where connecting with people and building relationships is key, this can add just that extra little bit of personalization with minimal effort.

    There are countless things that a person could do with an Auto SMS Scheduler. If you are anything like me, then your life is usually packed to the gills as is it is and you could use all the help you can get. There are plenty of other scheduler apps out there, some might be better than this one or worse. You are more than welcome to pick this one up now if you would like though. It is free in the Play Store. Just click or scan the QR code below.

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