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    I have developed an app for the Android that is an Attorney Time Entry application. The purpose of the app is to allow attorneys to enter time entries from their phone and have them automatically show up on their time entry software on their desktop at the office. I have already deployed this to one firm and am looking now to move to making it a general application on the market that anyone can use.

    Currently the way the app works is that it goes to the specified server (at the attorney's office) and downloads all the matters from there. The attorney then has a listpick of all of the matters that that specific attorney is working on. He can then enter the number of hours, activity code, task code, description, and date, and submit the information via an email. The email will go to a specified email account that on the server side it receives the comma separated values and uploads them to the internal software.

    So what I am looking for is to see if there is interest in a firm, or small group of firms working with me to make this a market product. I would work with you to instruct you how to set up things on your end at the server, and you would in turn test the app on your android phones and report any bugs or feature suggestions.

    This is obviously most useful for a firm that supplies its attorneys with android phones.

    The beta version of the app will be free and ad-free. Not sure on my plans as far as ads or pricing down the road, but for now i am just looking to get the product out there and working so it can be used by more than the dozen+ i originally developed it for.
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