AT&T Puts An End To Spam Calls With Call Protect

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    These days most cell phone packages come with limited data and unlimited call minutes. With unlimited call minutes spam calls while annoying won't increase your bill. The past several months I noticed that I had gone over my 500 minutes limit. The limit is included in my grandfathered unlimited data package with Verizon. I was a bit confused with this as I still mostly only talk to those people on my Family Circle which does not count against my minutes and also calls to other Verizon customers doesn't count against me. Other than that I save my long calls for after 7pm and the weekends which once again does not count against my minutes. So how was I going over my 500 minute limit.

    I remembered that I had been receiving roughly 10-15 calls per day where there was no one on the other end. Each of these calls cost me one minute. 10-15 minutes of useless calls per day 30 days per month. I was looking at 300-450 wasted call minutes. This is likely what was causing my overage. After reading on Verizon's site what exactly constitutes as a chargeable minute I found that they can charge your minutes even if the call goes to voicemail?!?!?! Also apparently they do "round up minutes" so if your call is not an entire minute (ie spammer calls and you hang up) they still charge you a minute. Spammers can really kill your wallet. It makes me wonder if Verizon has a call bot somewhere just calling folks and charging minutes.

    AT&T has decided their customers shouldn't have to foot the bill for unwanted spam callers, and of course should also not have to deal with the headache of unwanted calls. Call Protect stops suspected scammers from even getting through to you. The free service has just been integrated into their network. The service will even alert you that AT&T thinks the incoming call is coming from a spammer if the call somehow makes it through. If the spammer makes it through and you answer you will have the option to block the number for 30 days. I would love to see Verizon introduce this same sort of tech.

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    Here's how it works.
    You get the app, you sign into your AT&T account, you wait forever for it to connect after agreeing to the terms, you get an error message that it can't connect and please try again later. You repeat and it crashes this time. You repeat and it says wrong password. You repeat once more after swearing you're going to uninstall if it doesn't work this time and it works.
    Typical AT&T bloatware for me but at least it isn't tied into you've got to have Direct TV as well for it to work.

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