AT&T Motorola Flipside MB508 Cannot Bypass Motoblur

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    Motorola FlipSide MB508
    I have three AT&T Motorola Flipside MB508 that I ordered from to use in Peru. They are unlocked(-ish). I can put the SIM in the phone and get text messages, for example, because they are accessed from the notification bar. Still, I cannot get past the Motoblur setup screen. I have tried:
    1. ##bluroff (no response)
    2. Setting up WiFi and trying to login to my Motoblur account (timeout error)
    Anything else I can try? The other three MB508 I bought last year I bypassed Motoblur with ##bluroff and rooted and they are still in use. I figured I'd sell a couple of them and use the third to repair mine (screen locks up when opening to use physical keyboard), but I can't bypass Motoblur. :( Any help would be appreciated.
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