AT&T customers: Turn Stream Saver off

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    I have 40 gigs of data which I acquired from 2 double data deals and roll over data, so for me I do not need stream saver on.

    I was watching a show in the car before work only to notice a little choppiness and slowdown, which is unusual for that app. I happened to remember talk about att stream saver and when I logged onto my account I noticed all 3 lines were automatically turned on despite me not even hitting 1/8th of my data or ever coming close to using 50% of my data. Needless to say I was not happy about that and I quickly unchecked the boxes.

    This is what angered me about Verizon and why I left, the fact that they felt like they needed to try and "help me" by helping themselves. Now I don't doubt that the feature can be helpful to some families, especially if they have a habit of going over their data limit. But it was not long ago when we were angered that some of the carriers took it upon themselves to throttle Netflix on their own without informing customers.

    Maybe I am being a little harsh on AT&T but I guess I am one who would rather make decisions myself and not have them made for me. Or at least meet me part of the way by not throttling me until I hit around 75% of my data with 2 weeks to go in billing cycle.

    Any way long story short if you are on AT&T and you have not logged on in awhile now may be a good time if you do not want your streaming interfered with.
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