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    I have been watching my running apps to control some of my battery life. these are the one almost always rtunning. some I don't think I need, but don't know how to turn off, some I don't know what they do:

    please help me.

    Media- don't know
    No Lock - want
    Data manager service- think I need
    settings- just opened to see what's running
    weather- don't want
    Backup assistant- think I need
    email- like checking e mail
    maps- don't need
    maps- again- don't need
    Google services - may need for e mail (should I just turn off in location settings because I don't use often, and turn on when I need it?)
    Bluetoothdun- don't need- (bluetooth is turned off in wireless settings)
    sync service- don't know
    Slacker- don't want- I should probably deleate app because I don't use it
    Preset- don't know
    Swype- need
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