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Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Tech Support' started by Eric91Z, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Well, brand new issue with the phone. Recently I moved a bunch of installed applications from the phone to the SD card. Once again today, the phone was responding very slowly, hanging, typical Thunderbolt stuff. Anyway, shut the phone down, did battery pull, and after coming back up I am now missing a number of installed applications, including the "Note" application that came on the phone to begin with - along with all the notes I had.

    And now, sitting here just got an email and noticed that the sound profiles have changed and missing some of the default notification sound options there were on there. Any ideas on causes or how to get this stuff back? I am really trying to like the phone as I like the new look with the firmware upgrade, but fed up with stuff like this, slow response, dropped network connections, etc.

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