Appreciate your suggestion – Audio player for Android Keep it or sell it?

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    This is a vibrant place of technology and I'm glad to be here to discuss and learn techie things from you all. :)
    I’ve developed some apps by a programmer last year and published on google play. After publishing I didn’t do any kind of promotion. The apps promoted themselves and got some download. The Audio player got huge number of downloads, ratings and google+ recommendations from user.

    All these happened without my knowledge; I left them after publishing and became busy with my offline job. Recently I came back online and started looking around my accounts. I was impressed to see that the Audio player has got 15300+ download, 85 ratings and 96 google+ shares. Unfortunately I didn’t monetize this app as my developer left me.

    Now I’m thinking to sell it off so that I can arrange some fund to start again.

    The app is listed only on google play HERE

    I would appreciate your suggestion whether to keep it or sale it. I’m not a techie and also don’t know much about current app monetizing platforms and their whereabouts.