Apple patent infringements may cost SAMSUNG 88% of profit from phone sales

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    The battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for quite some time now, and we already know that Apple won a significant case against Samsung regarding patent infringements earlier this year. Well, recently a redacted document from the court case made its way to the public, and in it we find Judge Pender’s recommendations for punitive action against Samsung. Let’s just say it’s not looking pretty for the Korean company. According to FOSS Patents, an blog dedicated to software patent suits, Judge Pender made the following recommendations:

    a U.S. import ban that would enter into effect after the 60-day Presidential review period following a final ITC decision,
    a simultaneous cease-and-desist order that would prohibit the sale of any commercially significant quantities of the imported infringing accused products in the United States (this remedy was denied against HTC), and finally…
    the requirement to post a bond of 88% of the value of all mobile phones, 32.5% of the value of all media players, and 37.6% of the value of all tablet computers found to infringe Apple’s patents-in-suit during the Presidential review period.
    According to FOSS Patents, it is highly likely that the recommendations will be implimented, as the ITC staff agrees with the recommendations across the board. It’s too bad these two technology companies can’t just leave this all behind them and put their focus on bringing us newer, faster, better, cooler phones!
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