Apple and Samsung Mediations Fail; Only the Appeals Court Can Decide Their Fate Now

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    Previously we reported that Apple and Samsung were finally in self-proposed talks to mediate their differences instead of continuing to fight things out in court. Unfortunately, those talks failed and now only the Courts can decide what happens next.

    Here's a quote with more of the details,

    Perhaps it was all just a publicity stunt to milk this thing for all of its worth one last time, and there never were any "real" negotiations. Regardless, the final pre-trial conference is set for March 5th before the main event begins on March 31st. From the look of things, Samsung is likely to loose this final fight, but the outcome won't matter much in the end.

    At this point, Samsung has already made massive profits becoming the number one (by volume) smartphone manufacturer in the world. The devices from the original suit many years ago hardly matter, and even if newer devices are added to the list, Samsung has become adept at working around any infringements. The amount Samsung will need to pay out for the final court rendering is a small sum compared to their overall volume of profit.

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