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    Ok, I have studied this topic for the past two days. What you want is not available at this time. I have downloaded about 6 launchers none of which have transitions in the app drawer. I did however learn what they are. I thought, if I unpacked the apk for the launcher that has screen transitions, I would be able to isolate the code for the transitions and incorporate that code into the app drawer. Way beyond my ability at this time.

    Which launcher are you using?

    Here are some links that might be useful to you. The third one is to a developer who may be able to code what you want.

    Issue 36 - adw-launcher-android - More Animations for the App Drawer - Drag up & Down - Project Hosting on Google Code

    App Store Go Launcher
    [UPDATE] Go Launcher 1.20 [Archive] - xda-developers

    someone you might ask:
    Issue 44 - fission-rom - app drawer transition too slow - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Good luck and thanks for the learning lesson.
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