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    ZDBox is the all in one toolbox that will help you optimize your Android device for ultimate performance. It gets a 5 star rating on xda developers and has 20,000,000 users if that tells you anything. The app contains many useful tools and includes a an easy to use user interface. Some features of this app include "Anyshare" (no flow consumption between devices that is 60 times faster than bluetooth and needs no outside network, "QuickSwitches" Toggles like cache cleaner, task killer, screen sleep, powersave and 14 other toggles, "widgets" many useful widgets like screen always on, kill all task, wifi on/off and more, "battery info" monitors and shows information about your phone's battery, "traffic coutner" monthly and daily mobile data usage, "Do Not Disturb" set days and hours you need privacy and you won't be disturbed, "App lock" protect apps with a password pattern, "task killer" kill all apps at once, define protected apps that won't be killed, with Root you can choose which startup apps to kill on phone boot, "history eraser" clean browser history, market search history, map search history, clipboard history, email search history, "Uninstaller" shows you available memory and allows you to uninstall apps one by one or in a batch, and more. As if this weren't enough more features are coming soon.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Coming features include "find your phone", "remains file cleaner", "file encryption", and "ad blocker". All of this for the low price of FREE!

    Grab the app here

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