[APP] uTask Allows You To Change Phone Settings On A Per App Basis!

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    There are so many settings on your device. From Wifi, to bluetooth, to brightness settings, and more! Certain apps need settings set up a certain way for peak performance. If you are running a cpu intensive video game you may need your clockspeed adjusted. While if you are using a particular music app you may want to enable bluetooth to sync up to your speakers. You could go through your settings menu each time you open up a new app, or you could set up your settings on a per app basis once and be done with it. uTask allows you to set up your settings for each individual app. The process is automated and settings are applied when your app is launched.

    You can set up

    -Brightness auto/manual
    -media volume default/manual
    -mobile data on/off
    -wifi on/off
    -bluetooth on/off
    -gps on/off

    If you have root you can change

    -CPU governor
    -maximum CPU frequency
    -minimum CPU frequency
    -IO Scheduler
    -read ahead buffer
    -TCP congestion algorithm
    -High audio performance on/off
    -High wifi performance on/off

    Via XDA