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    Don't you hate it when you are in a quiet place and your phone blares out its ringtone. It can be pretty awkward. The Ultimate Sound Control app allows you to quickly and easily adjust the phone's ringer/ notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, and call volume. You can turn off those system sounds that can quickly become very annoying like shutter sounds, or the low battery sound. In the pro version you can change any system sound with a sound of your choosing. The app will make a backup of any sound you change incase you decide to restore the stock sounds. The developer "SteinApps" is pretty good about returning emails and messages too! Grab this app from the play link below.


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    Can't the ringer and notification volumes be broken apart? I'd like for my ringer to be quieter than the text/email notification tone, but the two are tied together. I use one of the stock notification tones that's fairly short and a little quieter than the ringer I use...and the ringer is quite loud when turned up all the way.
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