APP TimePin Secures Your Device With Time Based LockScreen Pin!

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    Security expert Justin Case is widely known in the Android community for his efforts in finding backdoors and security holes in Android. He has been a part of many bootloader unlock methods for a list of Verizon devices. He is also responsible for quite a few root methods that have been released. The release of root methods and bootloaders unlocks prompts OEMs to update their firmware patching these security holes. Overall this makes Android more secure. With security in mind Justin Case has released a unique and ground breaking application. TimePin allows you to have a dynamic PIN that is ever changing. We have all been in this situation. We are in a crowd, at a sporting event, in a restaurant, or around nosy friends. You look over your shoulder making sure no one is peeking while you enter your PIN to unlock your device. If you use the same Pin or same pattern to unlock your device you significantly increase the chances that someone will either see your PIN as you enter it or be able to see the pattern of the grease marks and figure it out later on.

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    TimePIN changes your Pin based on the current time. If it is 12:00 your PIN is 1200 this means if a crook watches you input 1200 to unlock your device and steals your phone the next day, they won't be able to unlock your device, that is unless they try directly at 12:00! There are 4 different modifiers to make this less obvious. Reverse reverses the PIN if the time is 12:00 the Pin would be 0021, Mirror mirrors the PIN, if the time is 12:00 your PIN would be 12000021. Double doubles the PIN, if the time is 12:00 the PIN would be 12001200. Offset allows you to choose an offset of the time. If the time is 12:00 and you chose to offset the first digit of the PIN by +1 the PIN would be 2100. You can also combine these modifiers to make it even more difficult for a would be crook. There is a feature to use the current date as the PIN. This means you would have an all new PIN each day of the year. The only drawback i could see is that a thief would have access to your device all day if they saw you input your PIN. If they were even remotely able to reason they would see that your PIN was associated with the date and would have access to your device the next day as well. Of course if you are using the modifiers it wouldn't be obvious that the PIN is based on the date and this would be a non issue. There is a failsafe option which will allow you to revert to the default PIN after 5 attempts if you happen to forget which modifier you have set. This app is free but the offset modifier and date pin are available for a $1.99 in app purchase. I have been using this app for the past 2 weeks and I am loving it! Head to the play link below for the download!

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