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    With the new Cyanogen Mod comes a new theme manager. Themes that support the new CM 11 theme manager are starting to roll out to the Play Store. The iR theme by developer "sam0829" will change the entire look and feel of your device. Theme engine themes are more complete than simple launcher themes and icon packs in that the developer has access to theme every nook and cranny of the rom. The can theme the Framework-res and System UI which goes a long way in really giving your device that unique look.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    iR brings muted reds and blues and gives your device that flat minimal appearance that has become very trendy recently. Themed elements of the iR theme include home, notifications, tiles, caller, settings, themes, contacts, dialer, lock screen, Font, new ringtone, new notification tone, alarm tone and more. You also get some wallpapers that go perfectly with the theme. It should be noted that this theme does require that you be running an aosp rom that includes the cyanogen mod theme chooser. Grab this theme today for only $2.03.

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