App strangeness since 2.2 update

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by GadgetRick, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Ok, overall I kinda like the 2.2 update. Smoothed out the UI slightly more and some things seem to be a little faster. However, I'm noticing more and more app strangeness the longer I have the update...

    First, the camera app still takes forever to load up. I figured they'd fix this (eventually) but, obviously, they don't plan to. I've used some of the 3rd party apps, which seem to load a little quicker but I like the simplicity of the generic camera app. Guess I may have to go back to one of those...

    Second, when taking a photo--which still takes way too long (with auto things turned off), if you want to get to the photo to upload to FB or email it or whatever, it takes even longer than forever. The phone just sort of goes off into some dream state, actually blacks out the phone for a while and (eventually) brings the photo up in the gallery.

    Third, the gallery app, although looking cool is HORRIBLE. I know, this was updated long before the 2.2 update but, again, I figured they'd fix it with the 2.2 update. Again, I was sadly mistaken.

    I also have problems with the Gallery app actually displaying photos I've taken recently. Sometimes it just takes a while (minutes) before they'll show up in the app. In fact, shot some photos/video last night. Tried to download to my computer via direct connecting (since wireless still SUCKS) and couldn't find them on the phone directly. WTF? So I went into the Gallery app to see if they were there, sure enough, found the photos but not the videos. Then, after fiddling around trying to find the videos, my main, "Camera," group within Gallery disappeared! What? Then, after fiddling around, the group, "Camera," reappeared! Can they get this right? I mean, I never know if what I took will show up in the Gallery app.

    Wireless still sucks. Can't tell if it's any better, if it is, it's barely better. Why can everyone else connect to wireless networks and upload/download stuff and Motorola/Verizon can't figure out how to do it on the Droid?

    I still love my Droid. Still think 2.2 was an improvement (even if not a HUGE improvement), however, they need to get their act together on the base apps they're installing and asking us to use.