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    I have downloaded quite a few (around 100) apps to my Droid, and though I don't use them all regularly, I like having them there and anticipate getting additional ones, as there is always something new to discover. Although I'm not there yet, someday I'm going to run out of space. Now, if I add up the space taken by each of my apps (as shown in the Manage Applications setting) I get a total of around 133 MB. Since the total App storage is around 256 MB, this ought to mean I've got a little more than 120 MB remaining. However, after clearing the cache from all my applications one at a time (via the Manage Applications setting) and clearing my browser cache, my Droid reports having only around 85 MB available (under the SD card & phone storage setting). So, my questions are:

    1. What happened to the "missing" 35 MB?

    2. Can I get them back?

    I once did a factory reset, along with a cache clear, and I think that resulted in the available space matching more closely with what you'd expect by adding up the storage requirements for all the individual apps. However, I wasn't really checking that carefully at the time, so I'm not entirely sure that is true. In any event, perhaps there are other ways to clear additional unused space from my app storage area???
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