[APP] SQUARE Takes the Crop Out of Your Instagram Pics

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    There is one pesky part of Instagram. It sometimes auto crops the sides out of the pictures that you post. This can be quite annoying. Especially if a persons face or a crucial part of scenery that you had intended to share gets removed from the picture. This problem is resolved with a new app by developer "Sergey Otro" called Square. This app allows you to square up your pictures by adding frames to it. Key Features include picking your photos from the photo gallery, You can take a shot from the app, You can share pictures from gallery app directly to square, tune borders size and color, choose your colors with HOLO color picker, You can share your squared photos directly to instagram, You can share directly to other social networks like facebook and twitter, the app comes with a stylish and polished holo theme, and more! You can grab this app from the source link below.

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