[APP] Shycon Launcher Theme brings unique Icons for ADW/NOVA/APEX/GO Launchers

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    Themes and Icons are a sure fire way of making your device uniquely your own. A new launcher theme has emerged for the Apex, Nova, ADW and Go launchers. "Shycon" will give your device more than just a fresh set of icons. This theme also gives you a custom overlay and 20 wallpapers. 850 new themed icons are included with Shycon. Shycon gives each app icon a folder like appearance. The main app icon is squared off and appears to be inserted into an envelope or pouch with the same main color of the app icon. The overlay and wallpapers are the perfect compliment to the new icons. They add even more color and flair to your device.

    This theme is packed with goodies and the developer will be updating it on a regular basis so you can expect even more goodness to come. More Icons and Wallpapers are on the way with future updates. This may work with other launchers, but it has been tested and is known to work on the launchers mentioned above. Be one of the first to run this theme. It is only $1.49 in the Play Store!

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