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Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Feb 26, 2013.

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    With inovation often comes fear and exploitation! Thieves have become more and more sophisticated in their methods of robbing folks blind. They have developed scams like credit card skimmers, phishing scams and all kinds of other ways to steal your information and take control of your bank account! With the introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication) and apps like Google Wallet, which turns your phone into a sort of digital credit card, comes the fear that fraudsters may be able to easily steal your info. If left open and un secure scammers could potentially bump their phone to yours and steal info.

    NFCSecure prevents access to any of your phone or tablet's functionality until an associated NFC tag is scanned. This can be used in place of or in conjunction with PIN or Password for two step authentication. Features of the app include Fast NFC unlock, Easily pair devices with multiple NFC tags, Option to disable lockscreen widgets, Optional NFC lock delay, Option to bypass NFC scan by typing Gmail credentials.

    This is a nice app to keep you secure while walking around with your NFC enabled device. This is a must have if you use your phone for NFC payments.

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    Thankfully I don't have anything worth stealing on my phone because that is just cumbersome. I personally don't want to take 15 seconds to log into my phone or have to get up and find my keys to unlock it.

    I have found quite a usefulness for NFC with my wife. We 'beam' a lot to each other with it. But this just sounds time consuming.
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    Yes I second that......Last time I bought a lock type program for the wow factor Google ended up making it standard on the devices (face unlock) lol. If it was cheaper like a buck maybe but for the $5 I'll pass. Another BIG issue for me is I do use GW but like many many others only use it without being so called authorized so at anytime could actually lose it if they figure out a way to block it. They always get part way there each update lol.
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    I don't do anything sensitive on my phone because I've turned off even the basic lock (I don't want to type in or swipe a code every time I turn the screen on). Yeah, they could get some info from my Gmail, but that's about it. Install some remote wiping software and I'm satisfied.

    I have to look into auto-enabling lock based on location with something like Locale or Tasker. I've done this in the past (seems to be kind of hit and miss based on Google updates to security), but I still find it a pain.

    Major issue, IMO, with smartphones is balancing security and convenience. Perhaps we'll get to the point where just looking at my phone would tell it to turn on my screen and use face unlock. Or some sort of digital thumbprint. Of course you're talking some serious battery drain to monitor something like that.
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