[APP] Root Cloak Hides Root So You Can Run Apps That Won't Run On Rooted Devices!

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    If you are like me you root every device you own as soon as you get it. When your device is rooted you may run into some apps that will not run on your rooted device. Apps that have security in mind or apps that have copyrights in mind such as enterprise, banking and streaming apps may not run if the app detects that you are rooted. One prime example is the DirectTV GenieGo app. It will not work if the device is rooted. You would have to unroot your device each time you want to use the app, and then reroot when finished. An app by developer "devadvance" fixes this dilemma. Root Cloak will hide your root so that you can run these apps on your Android device.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Requirements for this app to work include a rooted device, Android 4.0.3, Cydia Substrate from the play store, SELinux Mode Changer and set to Permissive if on Android 4.4+, and one user account (this will not work if you have multiple accounts on your device). This is different from other methods like temp unroot since temp unroot keeps all apps from being able to use root. With Root Cloak you are still rooted and can use root apps, but apps that won't work with root won't be able to see that you are rooted. There is a list of apps that will work with Root Cloak at the link below.

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