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    Rocket Battery Saver by Netroken is a simple, lightweight, ad-free no frills battery app for Android. RBS will automatically restrict unnecessary battery draining activities, and lets you use pre-defined or custom profiles that automatically toggle certain features on and off during specific times of the day. That, or when your battery percentage goes below a certain threshold.

    The features you can command include Bluetooth, Data & Wi-Fi connectivity, Brightness level, Screen Timeout, and specific apps. Information about your battery life and energy usage is laid out on a pretty timeline, and below it, you can learn of the max savings you've accomplished.

    - Create powerful profiles to automatically stop battery consuming services and apps. You can schedule your profiles to increase your battery life when your screen is off, at a specific time of the day or even when your battery dips below a certain level.
    - Monitor your battery levels with a beautiful timeline, and easily view the current trends.
    - Conveniently view accurate information of the time remaining and percent % of your battery. With Rocket’s notification, accurate statistics of your battery are at your fingertips.

    If you’re looking for an easy battery saving app, Rocket: Battery Saver is definitely worth giving a shot. Grab it from the link below and let us know what you think!

    Rocket, Battery Saver on Google Play
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