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    GameBoid is an application by the developer yongzh. This same developer brought us and continues to support emulators such as Nesoid and Gensoid. The quality of all of these emulators (which I highly recommend checking out) is superb, and GameBoid is no exception.
    When you first fire up GameBoid, you will find that it asks you to specify gba_bios.bin. This can easily be found on numerous sites. The developer even includes a link in the application to download ROMs. Once you have the game of your choice on your SD card, just select it and you’re ready to play. The highly configurable controls of GameBoid are fantastic. Even the onscreen controls work flawlessly. On 2.0+ devices, multitouch works perfectly. On my Nexus One I had no problems at all. Don’t have a fancy eclair phone on you? You can use the trackball instead! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go ahead and use the accelerometer. All of the hardware buttons are also programable. This means that even the volume rocker can be turned into something useful. This combination of tools makes your gaming experience almost perfect. The application also includes screenshot and save functions that work flawlessly. After getting this application, I found myself playing Yoshi’s Island for hours.
    GameBoid is just stellar all around. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys Gameboy Advance games. You won’t be disappointed with this application.
    smooth gameplay at high frame-rate
    easy to use settings
    includes link to ROM site so you can download games
    updated very often
    Multi-Touch on 2.0+ devices
    save function
    screenshot function
    mappable virtual and physical keys
    Things I’d Like to See:
    nicer looking UI
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    I love this app, couple it with the Wiimote app, and its perfect for wasting lots of time. I've been playing Pokemon Gold and red on it.
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