[APP] Private Place Brings Secrecy To Your SMS, MMS, and Calls

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    Not all conversations should be shared freely, and not all conversations need to be seen by prying eyes. In business and other ventures Privacy is a pretty big deal. Text messages are not very private. Anyone who can pick up your phone and tap the mms icon can read all of your conversations. Obviously this becomes super easy if you don't have a pin lock on your lockscreen. Private Place is an app that seeks to make your mobile experience as private as possible. This app supports mms, sms, and phone calls. The app uses the unique root telephony daemon from root call blocker and call master, replacing the phone layer entirely like a firewall.

    Private Place Hides all communication with enabled contacts, disguises itself as a working aosp calculator, secures/sweeps/or rejects incoming calls, never turns on the screen in reject mode, selectively clears frequent and recent call lists, encrypts all of its data with passkeys, and more! Grab the free 7 day trial from the link below.

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