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    Faster and stilish percentages calculator!
    Enjoy the google now card/holo style!

    This calculator is very simple: open the app, add a numeric value and see the results in the cards. There are three different cards:

    1) Discount table: this card shows 9 percentages (from 10% to 90%) that are subtracted from the digit entered, useful for discount calculation in a shop (for example);

    2) Inflaction table: like the discount table, but the percentages are added;

    3) Quick calculator: with this card youbcan calculate a specifical percentage (from 1% to 90%) through a special number picker, with a swip up or down. Also, thanks to the arrow next to result, you can replace your number with the result of this card. In this way you can make complicated calculations of rates with a few clicks.

    if you're not interested in some of the cards you can hide them through the options menu.

    Percentify supports the samsung's multiwindows.

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    Payment version:
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