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    ATTENTION! Do not take the answers you will receive by using this app too seriously. They may be not 100% true. The answers lies in you. Practice and train fortune-telling regularly to develop your extrasensory perception.

    Those who find a way to contact their subconsciousness acquire a powerful tool to use it to receive answers to their most vital questions. Pendulum reading is one of the most effective methods of divination.

    Pendulum Reading on Google Play - FREE install 2,5 MB


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    Application features:
    1. 10 templates on most popular subjects.
    2. A timer to set up the duration of each session.
    3. Two modes, standard and accelerometer.
    4. Rotation of the chart of the fortune-telling sectors.
    5. An opportunity to save, edit and delete questions for fortune-telling.
    6. A possibility to save and delete the answers of subconsciousness.
    7. A unique “Letters” template that prompts words.
    8. 20 standard questions.

    Pendulum Reading on Google Play - FREE install 2,5 MB
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