[APP] Palm Emulator (that DOESN'T cost $50!)

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    PHEM (the Palm Hardware Emulator M68k) is a new app for Android that emulates the hardware of many different models of Palm PDA.
    It supports up to Palm OS 4.2 and runs thousands of Palm applications, utilities, games, and hacks.

    Other Palm emulators exist for Android - but cost $50. PHEM, on the other hand, is available in the Google Play Store for... a lot less.


    Full documentation, screenshots, and videos are available at:


    • Supports black and white, grayscale, 8-bit, and 16-bit color. It even supports the Handera 330's "High Res" grayscale screen!
    • Supports sound and (for versions of the Palm OS that support it) vibration.
    • Supports multiple different "sessions" emulating different Palms - multiple models, multiple versions of a single model, or both.
    • Allows you to use your device's storage as a virtual expansion card.
    • Emulated Palms can communicate using your device's network connection (wifi or cellular).
    • Supports cutting and pasting text between the emulated Palm and your device.
    • Supports hardware keyboards if present on your device.
    • Supports "skin" files that precisely mimic the appearance of particular Palm devices.
    • Supports most Palm "Hacks".

    PHEM is based on the Palm OS Emulator, a development and debugging tool originally created by Greg Hewgill and later developed by Palm, Inc. Full source is available under the GNU Public License.
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