[APP] OnePowerGuard Pro, Extend Battery Life With This Battery Optimizer App

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    The video above demonstrates an awesome new app that optimizes your battery use to help improve your device's battery life! We have all watched as phones have improved over the years. We have seen the advancement from single core processors to 8core octa processors, we have seen clockspeeds improve, the jump from 512mb of ram to 2gb of ram, and these phones have become more powerful than many laptop and desktop computers. The only thing that we have not seen any real improvement in over the years is battery technology. It seems like companys spend tons of money each year developing battery tech that never really pans out. This has birthed the development of special kernels, and all kinds of roms that require root and custom recoveries to flash, and some Oems have just decided to put enormous batteries in their phones to improve on battery life.


    OnePowerGuard Pro seeks to solve the only real problem that exist with smartphones today. OnePowerGuard Pro is the culmination of a 2 year project by developer "OneXuan" to develop an app that really does optimize battery life. The app includes several features which are covered in the above video. Head to the link below to grab this app for FREE!

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