[APP] Notification OFF helps makes managing app notifications simple!

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    [APP] Notification OFF helps make managing app notifications simple!

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    Notifications! Most of us have a love hate relationship with them. They serve a great purpose. They help us stay up to date with the things that are going on around us. They alert us when we have missed a call, received a text or email, and when we have been mentioned on twitter. Notifications can also be incredibly annoying. Anyone who has ever used a third party twitter app like Twidroyd knows that some apps notify you of EVERYTHING by default. If you don't go into each app and disable notifications one by one your phone often goes crazy buzzing and ringing with notifications.

    Developer "Giorgi Dalakishvili" has created a quick and easy solution for rooted users. His app allows you to set up your app notification settings from one centralized place. This keeps you from having to open up each individual app and toggle on/off notifications one by one. This saves time and headaches.

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