[APP] More Quickly Panel. Add Toggles to your notification menu no root required!

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    [h=2]Download The Application Here

    Description[/h]Check and Toggle status MORE QUICKLY at any time from a notification panel.
    MoreQuicklyPanel is a toggle widget stays at a notification panel.
    Only for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 3.x Honeycomb.
    The best partner with GALAXY Nexus!!
    -8 function buttons
    --Airplane mode:Display airplane mode status and toggle it.
    --Silent mode:Display silent mode status and toggle it. Normal -> Vibrate -> Silent and Normal again.
    --Wi-Fi:Display Wi-Fi status and toggle it.
    --Bluetooth:Display bluetooth status and toggle it.
    --GPS:Display GPS status and open GPS settings.(Apps cannot change GPS status by the system security.)
    --Auto-rotate screen:Display automatic screen rotation status and toggle it.
    --Battery:Display battery meter and open Battery settings.
    --Close notification panel:Close a notification panel.
    -You can select items to show.
    -You can select lamp color.
    -You can start MoreQuicklyPanel automatically at boot time.
    -While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth state are changing, the icons blink.
    -You can hide the notification icon at status bar. (New!)
    -BEST FIT for GALAXY Nexus!

    *'GPS' and 'Battery' buttons open settings screen at a background of a notification panel. Please close the notification panel by 'Close notification panel' button.
    *This Wi-Fi widget only enables or disables Wi-Fi. It dose not care to connect the Wi-Fi access point.


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    Mattakamoose on December 23, 2011 (Version

    [h=4]Great app, one minor nitpick[/h]
    Hiding the Notification icon doesn't hide it, only displays a blank icon. Fix that and it's perfect.

    [HR][/HR]Abdullah on December 27, 2011 (Version

    [h=4]Must have for Galaxy Nexus[/h]
    This is awesome on my galaxy nexus. Please add a brightness control so I can stop using the power control widget. Then I'll be able to give it 5 stars.

    Joshua on December 23, 2011 (Version

    [h=4]Great App, but... could be PERFECT.[/h]

    Like many have said before, Sync and Brightness need to be options for this, as well as reboot/recovery for rooted users. Being able to adjust its color would be cool too, but that's more a suggestion than complaint. All in all, thrilled with my purchase, and look forward to more!

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    Excellent! Thank you very much for this, DMX!

    (I am viewing this on Tapatalk, so I didn't check yet to see if it was already stickied.)

    If this hasn't been stickied, I make a motion on the floor to sticky this!


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