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    If you own a consumer edition Moto X device with a locked bootloader then you probably find the write protection to be incredibly pesky. Even with your device rooted you aren't really able to modify or change any system apps while write protection is turned on. Justin Case had previously released a root method that included write protection block, but his method required you to boot into a special recovery mode which was actually an operating version of Android without write protection, and it replaced your recovery all together. Developer "Beaups" has released his method to kill write protection on the Moto X. This is permanent in that it will survive factory resets or flashing the device, however you can't expect it to survive an OTA update as with most exploits.

    You will need a working root with superuser (Jcase's methods are fully supported), working adb and fastboot drivers, linux or windows, and you will need to disable any firewalls/internet security/or antivirus before beginning. The method is pretty simple just download the application to your PC, extract the archive, run wpbegone.exe as administrator, and follow the onscreen prompts. Once completed you will be able to remove bloatware apps, add custom bootanimations, and pretty much anything that requires write protection to be removed.

    It should be noted that this is not a bootloader unlock method, it only removes write protection. Head to the link below for the download and more info.

    Via XDA
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