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    Hey guys, I've been meaning to try and make this app for awhile but I have no idea of how to go about it. If any of you would like to take this and make it, please by all means go ahead, but if not I would appreciate any help with how to make it (preferably with App Inventor) by maybe leading me to a few videos with similar things?

    I realize this is a large request so I apologize in advance for being so needy I just simply don't know where to begin.

    My main idea of the app is to simply make a portal to a website with a bunch of spanish conjunctions to help during spanish class.

    The website:

    Has an extensive list of verbs with complete verb conjugation in all the tenses.

    You can select the verb you want by simply writing the verb in the url.

    So I simply wanted to make an app with a text box where you would type the verb you want conjugated and it would preform a command that would use the address: and replace "x" with whatever is in the textbox and open up the webpage.

    I apologize for my awful description of this and my lack of knowledge in all of this. I understand if the project is too big for my undertaking but I am simply wondering if there is an "easy" way to do this in App Inventor?

    I appreciate any feedback and I apologize again for such horrible request etiquette =/
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