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    If you love flat, minimalistic icons then developer "Yackovsky" may just have the icon pack for you. His new icon pack dubbed "YAFI" for Yet Another Flat Icons brings a whole new flare to the saturated market of flat icon packs. Yes this is another icon pack but it stands out because it also uses the unique design element of hard-edged shadows. While it is indeed flat the icons still appear to have a 3d appearance due to the shadows. The icon pack also uses a custom color pallet to give your device a whole new look and feel. There is a simple dashboard which will help you to easily set up the icons on your chosen launcher. The icon pack comes with 85 hand drawn icons, 8 white dock icons, and more! The icon pack will work with mostly any custom launcher on the playstore. Head to the Play link below for a free download.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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