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    Spectra Icon theme is for custom homescreen replacement apps like Nova, Apex, Action Launcher Pro, Go, ADW, Holo, and Holo HD. This is not a full on theme chooser theme, but will still give your device a fresh look and feel. The theme mainly themes icons, but also gives you some sweet wallpapers to give you the full themed experience. These icons are not overly complicated. In fact they are incredibly simple. Spectra icons are flat and minimal. There are no crazy tones most of the color notes are muted. You get a wide white round border around each icon. The minimalist design is truly elegant.


    Features of the Spectra Icon Theme include, themes icons on your phone, built in wallpaper chooser, an option to request the theming of your favorite apps icon, ability to share the theme, over 375 hand themed app icons, and more! This app is a bargain at $.99. You can find this app at the Play link below.

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