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    Polaroid pictures are nostalgic. They bring back memories of childhood for some. Back then it was pretty revolutionary to be able to see a picture almost instantly. You would shoot the picture, which would then roll out the front, then you would shake it like crazy. If it wasn't the photo that you had hoped for you could waste another shot or stick with what you got. Technology today allows us to see pictures the moment they are taken, it is then easy enough to delete the photo if you hate it and take another shot. These old pictures became the inspiration behind a new icon pack by developer "wolfdesignsplus". Each icon is squared with the app icon name in a white rectangle underneath the photo (reminiscent of the space used under a Polaroid picture for labeling). Each icon keeps its original themeing. With this icon pack you get over 650 hand themed icons. This works with many custom launchers including Go Launcher, Apex, Nova, Smart, Holo, and ADW among others. Head to the Play link below for the download.


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