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    If you are getting ready for a change in your Icon pack HoloCons may just be the app for you. I have been running NOX for the past 3 weeks. The thing about custom themes and icons is that they get old quick, not to say that I won't be using NOX again soon as it has been one of my favorite icon packs ever! HoloCons differentiate themselves from stock Holo icons in that they have curved edges. This gives them a unique but clean look. This icon pack includes over 500 hand themed icons. This icon pack also includes some really nice wallpapers to really make your device pop!

    Holo Cons is compatible with the most popular custom launcher including APEX, ADW, Nova, ActionLauncherPro, Holo and more! Developer "Tundem Media Group" takes request so if you have an app that is not themed you can always ask for them to theme it. Grab this icon pack at the Play link below!

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    Disagree that Icons get old quick. Once you find the set you really like that is. Finding that perfect set takes time. :D
    Been using Dikonz on Atom Launcher for a long time.
    CUrious why Atom never gets mentioned with the likes of Nova and ADW. It's every bit as good. :D
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