APP [ICONS] Black Tag Icons For Custom Launchers

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    Are you into the minimalistic fell of black and white? How about the not so minimalistic black and chrome? This is just what you will get with the new "Black Tag" icon pack by developer "Platyraptor Designs". Each icon has a unique tag shape. There are several layers to the icons giving them an element of depth. The chrome design is complete with a mirror effect making your icons look like they have been polished! The icon pack includes a full dashboard making it incredibly easy to apply these icons no matter which launcher you are currently using. There are over 800 hand themed icons to choose from. If for some reason the icon of your app is not hand themed it will still fit the theme since Black Tag uses icon masking. All icons will be themed to some degree. There are also 5 custom wallpapers to really give your home screen a whole new look. In the dashboard there are a few different app drawer icons to chose from and 3 different root explorer app icons to chose from. There is even a place to request app icons. ​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This icon pack is compatible with most 3rd party launchers including Apex, Nova, Aviate, ADW, Holo, Action, Go Launcher, Next Launcher, Aspire and more! Head to the Play Link below to grab this icon pack at the super reasonable price of $1.25!​

    Via Play Store

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